AI Rewards

Using Colleen, you can reward residents who pay on time

Colleen is Part of the Team

Colleen Helps Reward Residents Who Make Timely Rent Payments

Colleen usually does not approach residents who consistently pay on time.

For example, if a resident set online auto pay on the 4th of each month, the resident may never receive any message from Colleen.

However, residents who pay on time should be able to get benefits.

Colleen Can Offer Benefits
to Residents

We encourage managers to provide benefits to residents who pay on time.
This can be done through rent discounts or various other methods, such as gift cards, as determined by the managers.

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Robbie P.


Special Offer from the management

@ Colleen

08:12 am


Hi Robbie!
During the past year, you paid rent on time. We appreciate it and are happy to give you a $250 gift card.

Boost Your Credit Score with Credit Reporting

By reporting to credit bureau companies*, Colleen can increase residents’ credit score.
While the resident is under lease, Colleen only reports on-time payments and does not reports delayed payments so she will net reduce the resident score.
*We have partnered with a major credit bureau company, to report the rent payments of our residents.

Colleen Keeps Track

Colleen constantly monitors the company’s performance and provides recommendations to managers on how to properly reward their residents.

Emma A.


I appreciate how you explained my balance and allowed me to pay the balance next week