Colleen AI acquired by Entrata

Today, I’m excited to share that Colleen AI has been acquired by Entrata, one of the leading operating systems in the multifamily industry. We could not be more excited to be teaming up with Entrata to accelerate our ability to continue to develop industry-leading AI capabilities for every operator, regardless of their choice of PMS.


Accelerating Our Vision of Autonomous Property Management


Both Colleen AI and Entrata have a unified vision of the future of streamlined tasks and workflows, enabling operators to work differently than they have historically while simultaneously providing an even better resident experience. In working towards more autonomous property management operations, you need two things to be able to be most effective:1) modern AI and ML technology, giving operators the most up to date functionality and residents the best experience, and 2) the availability of high-quality data.


As you know, Colleen AI has developed modular AI solutions that automate several workflows in the resident journey, starting with rent collections and renewals. We are proud of our ability to innovate the industry as we have quickly become a leader in AI innovation. However the ability to build effective AI is limited to the data it utilizes. As a part of this acquisition, we will be able to leverage 1000s of data variables across the Entrata OS to automate and contextualize every interaction in the resident journey. These data sources that we will now have access to are comprehensive and allow for high quality inputs and the benefits of access to this data will improve the product exponentially, as well as continue to develop new modules, such as automated lead to leasing (coming in Fall ‘24).


Our focus of a PMS agnostic AI platform is not changing


We could not be more excited to have found a partner like Entrata to accelerate the development of an AI solution that we feel will usher in a new era for the multifamily industry. But the benefits of this partnership are not limited to those who utilize the Entrata OS. We will continue to support and further develop the very best AI product in the industry for all operators, regardless of their choice of PMS. 


Since Colleen AI was founded, we have taken pride in not only developing the best AI technology, but also in making it available by creating deep integrations that allow our AI platform to be PMS agnostic. We remain focused in maintaining these deep, bidirectional integrations that allow uploading updated information back to any PMS you choose. You have our commitment that we will continue to provide the same level of support and dependability that you have come to expect working with Colleen, regardless of what platform you use.


On behalf of all of our team at Colleen AI, thank you for your continued support and we look forward to continuing to serve you moving into the future as we take a monumental step in providing our industry with transformative technology to revolutionize the way you work.


Itamar Roth

CEO, Colleen AI


Pioneering the AI Rent and Debt Collection

As a leading technology company, we were the first to market to support rent collection conversational ai with residents. For over two years, we operated in stealth mode without competitors and managed to build the leading product with a significant customer base.

We are also the first to market and the only automation product for debt collection to support conversations with residents after they leave the apartment.

And new innovative products are now under the hood…


Our R&D team is a pioneer in its field. We are excited to solve any technological problem we face


We have a number of open positions. We provide a great salary package, flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from anywhere in the USA. Please feel free to contact us for more information at [email protected]


A well funded SaaS startup, that owns an amazing AI product is looking for a Full Stack developer

In this role, you will be responsible for supporting the development and growth of our products by working closely with the senior developers and other team members to create exceptional user experiences. Your expertise in frontend, backend and cloud technologies will be critical in ensuring the successful delivery of high-quality solutions.


A highly motivated Sales Manager with experience in hunting new business to expand our market share in the industry. We offer competitive compensation for our sales team!

As our Sales Manager, you will be responsible for identifying, engaging, and closing new enterprise customers.


A well-funded SaaS startup, boasting an exceptional AI-driven product, is on the hunt for a creative and highly skilled Data Scientist to enhance our team. At the core of our groundbreaking product is Generative AI, which fuels and propels our entire pipeline. As a Data Scientist, you’ll be instrumental in maintaining, researching and developing real cutting-edge Generative AI solutions that tackle diverse business challenges. Collaborating closely with various team members, you’ll leverage AI’s transformative power to elevate our products and services.


A well funded SaaS startup that owns an amazing AI product is looking for a Data Analyst.

This role will include reviewing and validating data, conducting audits, identifying discrepancies or errors in our product results, and implementing measures to maintain data integrity. The individual in this position will play a crucial role in upholding the accuracy and reliability of information within the database and ensuring that customer and product-related data is correct.

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