AI Technology that Integrates With Your Back-End

The integration we built with the property management software allow Colleen to be updated anytime. This bidirectional integration allows uploading updated information back to the PMS’s

Deep Integration with Leading PMS's

Colleen Integrate with Your Organization Email Service

Your residents will communicate with colleen by your company email e.g., Colleen@YourCompanyEmailAddress

Google and Microsoft Email Services

Colleen developed in-house technology and received App certificate from Google and 365Microsoft, allowing her secured integrate with the organization’s email service.

Colleen will communicate using your emails server same as your employee dose, and your admin user can monitor and control her email account.

Two way deep integration with your PMS's

Deep bidirectional integration allow Colleen always to be up-to-date and handle complicated tasks such as Section 8 calculation, multiple contracts, guarantors, share rentals fees, and short-time rentals.

Payment providers & Credit Bureaus

The integration we establish with service providers, vendors, and credit bureau companies allow Colleen to offer additional services to tenants.

Instantly Manage Your Inbox With Colleen AI

Colleen communicates with your residents, in all communication channels, anytime.

Smart Data Syncing

For Colleen to be updated, we have established an advanced synchronizing module that monitors and manages the sync tasks. Unlike other solutions where the synchronization is performed only several times a day, Colleen is updated before every interaction she makes with the resident. So if a resident asks her about his balance, she pulls up the most updated figure from the PMS.