Become an App Partner

As a technology company, we are developing our product to be accessible to other vendors. Through easy integration, they can provide their clients with innovative solutions like Conversational AI, billing automation, email registration, and more.

We have Built Amazing Proprietary Technologies that Other Can Use. We Embrace Partnerships Through Our API


Sunrise Residence

Hello Samantha, it’s Debra with Sunrise Residence. I hope your day is going well! This is just a friendly reminder that your balance is $1,875.00, and it needs to be paid today. Here is a link to pay online:



Thank you Debra, I’m paying now $800 and the rest next Tuesday. Please help me and hold with eviction. OK?

Sunrise Residence

Ok with me but make sure to pay at the office on Tuesday no later than 11am. Please pay with Money order (amount is $1,075.00). Thanks.

Ultimate Conversational AI

Millions of historic labeled collection conversations allow Colleen to effectively and efficiently communicate with an unlimited number of residents simultaneously

Partner Connections

Colleen offers a bidirectional internal API channel.
Vendors can use a comprehensive database and various features that other vendors can use to improve their products and services. And can upload data to Colleen’s consoles according to their customer’s specifications.

Integrate Your Users’ Emails

Colleen AI developed in-house technology and received App certificate from Google and 365Microsoft, allowing Colleen AI a secured integrate with the organization’s email service.
Seamlessly integrate your users’ emails so your platform can communicate using your customers emails server.
Enjoy the fastest, easiest way to build engaging email capabilities.