AI Renewals

An industry leading AI platform automating lease renewals

Colleen is Part of the Team

Hi Emma, your current lease expires on Dec 31st and we invite you to renew your lease with us . Please sign the new agreement here
Thank you

Emma A.

I reviewed the lease agreement and signed it. I want to confirm that other than the $75 increase in rent, the deposit and pet fee remain the same.

Correct, and we confirm that the signed agreement appears in our system. 
We will be glad to continue to give you a quality service experience. You can login to your tenant app and view the fully signed agreement.
Thanks, Green Palms Office

Technology that converse smartly with your residents and drive them to renew the lease

While Lease AI handles routine tasks like lease preparation and question answering, your team can do their best work.
  • Will never forget to approach tenants regarding their renewals;
  • Offload work from your team;
  • 24/7 rapid response to your tenants;
  • Great tenant experience using helpful answers using natural language.

Lease AI increase revenue by setting the optimal rent amount for each upcoming renewal

With our patented technology and integration with your property management software, you can optimize your business’s revenue.
Lease AI uses several information channels such as occupancy, the tenant’s payment history, and the local rental market to bring about the best result for your business and the tenant.

Centralized management by advanced analytics & BI, keeps you on top of things

When everything is transparent, and you can quickly see and understand the status of lease renewals in your organization, it will allow you to be calm and know that the right activities have been carried out and concentrate effort where it is needed.


Improvement of office efficiency