AI Rent Collection

Colleen is a first-to-market and highly innovative software for increasing rent collection and improving resident satisfaction.

Colleen notifies and converses with all late payers, assists them with inquiries and questions, and ensures seamless rent deposits into your bank account.

Colleen is Part of the Team

Analyze All Residents

The moment Colleen AI obtains credentials to your management system, it analyzes all the residents and their financial behavior during their residency in your property. This allows Colleen to understand who pays on time and who is more likely to be a late payer and needs to be reminded to pay.

Colleen constantly collects data and converts it into insights, enabling her to personalize the level of engagement with each resident, resulting in significantly better outcomes

Promptly Approach Late Paying Residents

According to the NMHC study*, approximately 20% of residents in the multifamily industry are expected to be late in paying their rent, meaning they will not pay until the 6th of the month.

Colleen will proactively engage with all these residents in advance to ensure timely payment.

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Payment reminder from Colleen
Payment reminder from Colleen