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Colleen is an AI Assistant who helps you automate and streamline your property management workflow. As a multi-talented property management assistant, Colleen works through all stages of the tenants’ life cycle.

From prospecting new tenants, collecting rent, and assisting well beyond the move-out day, Colleen is with you every step of the way.

AI Leasing

Maximize your time!  Colleen provides comprehensive lead-to-lease support powered by AI. Delivering best-in-class performance 24/7 across all communication channels, Colleen offers endless support.


10:12 am

Hi Colleen! Thanks for the quick response!

I would love to schedule a tour on Friday at 9:00

10:20 am

Sure! You are confirmed for a tour this Friday at 9:00am.

Here is navigation link https://Navigate

AI Payments

Colleen makes it easier for residents to pay rent on time through creative options.

Account Balance


Rent payment




Cleaning & paint



Reduce delinquencies! Colleen offers your residents helpful communication and personalized support.

AI Rewarding

Using Colleen, you can reward residents who pay on time. 

Lease renewals

Colleen conveniently automates lease renewals for your residents and help property managers to streamline the renewals process.


10:12 am

Hi Tom, your lease is ended in 25 days. here is a link to renew your leas


10:20 am

Thanks Colleen, doing it now

Service Requests

Using Colleen AI, residents can easily report maintenance issues, file requests and update or review work completed.

Former Residents

With Colleen AI, you can increase post-resident recovery by up to 20 percent. 

Colleen Supports All Communication Channels

Colleen offers comprehensive support across all communication channels. Residents can reach out via email, phone, text, or a website chat.
This multi-channel approach enhances accessibility, quality, and overall resident satisfaction.


The Palm Community Inquiry from Mike


<[email protected]>

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your interest in our community!
I understand you specified May 1st as your desired move-in date. We have 2 and 3 bedroom apartments available.
We offer self guided tours or in-person tours. Would you be available for a tour this Thursday noon for an in-person tour?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

leasing AI assistant



Voice - Payment of rent



“Hi Jessica. Your rent is now past due. As a result, a late charge has been added, and your current balance is $1,184.00. Please let me know when you can pay this amount.”


“I can only pay when I get my salary next week.”


“Kindly make sure that you make the payment by next Friday to save any late fees.”


“Will do, thank you.”


10:00 am

Hi Jeff Jones, this is Colleen from Palm Communities. We’ve completed the calculations after you moved out, and there’s a remaining balance of $1,275.00. Thanks, and here is a link to pay:

Jeff Jones
10:03 am
How did you get to that?
10:05 am

Hi Jeff, here is the breakdown of the end of lease balance:
Feb Rent: $1,400.00

Cleaning: $300.00
Water bill: $200.00
Security deposit: – $625.00
Balance is $1,275.00



Hi, welcome to Palm communities. If you are interesting in renting one of our apartments, I can help you select and schedule a guided tour. If you are resident, I can help you with any issue you might have.

How would you like to continue?

Seamless Seamless Integration with Leading Property Management Systems

Colleen has Revolutionized the Real Estate Market

Colleen is built for real estate companies in the commercial and residential sectors, supporting all single-family and multi-family teams.


At Colleen AI, we have worked with our top NMHC owners and property managers to create the most powerful Real Estate AI Platform.


"Since we’ve deployed AI rent collection, we have seen a significant increase in revenue as well as a decrease in bad debt. Much of the burden of rent collection is now taken off our office team members, giving precious time back to them. “

Kristen Ford Vice President of Shared Services at Steward + Helm

"By having technology that manages collections, our teams can focus on being more proactive at our properties and continuing to provide residents with best-in-class customer service."

Jennifer Staciokas President, Western Wealth Communities

"We have improved rent collections by an average of 40% across our entire portfolio after implementing Colleen."

Jason Morgan Principal & President of Special Situations at Morgan Properties

A complete AI Platform

Colleen simplifies communication with prospects, residents, and former residents.

For Managers

View and oversee all AI conversations with prospects, residents and past residents in a single place.

Managers can select if Colleen serve as a property manager for all products or to select different name for each product.

Manager can monitor community performance using essential metrics such as collection percentage and payment rate.

For Prospects

Your Colleen AI Assistant is capable of engaging with prospects 24/7 through email, text, phone, and chat. It fully sync with your CRM, and efficiently schedule tours based on the prospect and your agent availability.
Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, it delivers flexible pricing strategies, enhances the renting experience by cross-selling at every stage of the renter’s journey, and ensures persistent follow-up.

08:12 am

Hey Diana, we would like to welcome you to Palm apartments. Please pay the first month rent: balance of $1,248.00
We kindly request that you make a payment today. Many thanks

08:43 am
08:45 am
I confirm that your payment has been successfully updated in our system. Have a great day!

For Residents

Colleen can communicate with residents through calls, email and text, responding to their inquiries and gathering community feedback.
Colleen automates payment and collection processes, utilizing AI to prompt residents about payments and to follow up on late payments. Furthermore, it proactively reminds residents to renew their leases as well as helping with maintenance requests.

08:12 am
Hi Jessica. Your rent is now past due. As a result, a late charge has been added, and your current balance is $1,184.00. Please let me know when you can pay this amount.
08:43 am
I can only pay when I get my salary next week
08:45 am

Kindly make sure that you make the payment by next Friday the 12th to prevent any more late fees. Thanks!

For Former Residents

Colleen engages with former residents immediately after they vacate the apartment, ensuring any outstanding balances are settled. In certain instances, she is capable of negotiating, thereby assisting both parties.

Owners recovering more funds while resident keep out from collection agencies and bad debt reporting.


Dear John,

We hope this letter finds you well. As the time has come for your tenancy to come to an end, we wanted to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation for having you as our tenant.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt thanks for choosing our property as your home. It has been a pleasure having you as a tenant, and we will fondly remember our time together. If you have any questions or require any assistance during the move-out process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A Powerful Property Manager that is Part of Your Team

Colleen is dedicated to enhancing your rent collection capabilities while saving you time on repetitive tasks. Optimize operations. Streamline rent collection. With Colleen, you can elevate your business to new heights.
Resident Journey

Resident Journey

Colleen is dedicated to supporting you and your residents through the entire life cycle journey. From move-in to the eventual move-out and beyond, Colleen is a valuable member of your team.

Colleen uses Conversational AI and Generative AI to converse naturally. Personalized reminders of overdue rent are sent immediately. Colleen can answer resident questions and help solve problems effectively through multiple communication methods.

Colleen communicates


Did you know that most people see text messages within 3 minutes?

With Colleen, residents receive alerts and instant responses. Intelligent and knowledgeable, residents treat Colleen like a management team member. 

08:12 am

Hey Diana, Your balance of $1,248.00 has not been received as of yet. To prevent any late fees, we kindly request that you make a payment today.

08:43 am
08:45 am

I confirm that your payment has been successfully updated in our system. Have a great day!


Thanks Colleen!


Office Manager

Hi Joe,
Just a friendly reminder that the September rent was due yesterday, and you currently have a balance of $1,477.00. To make the payment conveniently online, please follow this link:
If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 
Have a great day!

Joe M.


Thanks Colleen for the reminder, I’m paying now 🙂

Colleen communicates

By Emails

Colleen uses Conversational AI and Generative AI. This allows her to converse with residents naturally. Remind them to pay rent, answer their questions and solve their problems. Colleen can understand complex emails and answer them according to the boundaries that the managers set.

Ai communication

By Phone Calls and IVR

Colleen introduces an AI-powered phone conversation product that transforms the rent collection process.

With its advanced AI capabilities, Colleen enables residents to conveniently and efficiently access all essential rent payment information.

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AI Leasing

With an all-in-one lead-to-lease solution, Colleen AI delivers best-in-class performance 24/7 across all communication channels.

AI Rent collection

Colleen is your powerful partner in collecting rent faster.

AI Payment

Colleen provides creative ways to allow your residents to pay rent on time.

AI Rewarding

Colleen makes paying rent fun with reward incentives.

AI Maintenance

Colleen enables residents to quickly report maintenance issues, file requests, and update completed work.

AI renewals

Automate lease renewals with Colleen’s first-to-market industry-leading AI platform.

AI Debt collection

As another first-to-market software product, Colleen efficiently manages and collects debt post-residency.

AI Centralized

Your personalized CRM and Dashboard to manage everything with Colleen AI Centralized.

Drive Business Growth: Accelerate Payments, Boost Rent Collection, Maximize Productivity

A Streamlined Onboarding Process

Connect To PMS

Colleen automatically syncs property data and resident information, allowing for easy access to essential data and insights

Customize each Community

Adjusting settings on a per-location basis ensures that Colleen is optimized for each individual property, streamlining workflows and improving overall efficiency

Add Channels

Colleen can manage more than just emails, SMS or IVR. You can even customize Colleen’s to match your community or brand

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Offering you the latest technology, Colleen supports you and helps you streamline your business operations. Free your team from daily hassles. Focus on what matters.

Ben B.


Hello Colleen, what is the last day I can pay without late fee?

Kind regards,
Ben B.


Office team

Hi Ben, payments are due on the 1st, and you have until the 5th to make your payment without the late fee.

Thank you,


Faster rent collection
Colleen is a game-changer for our business. With her expertise, we’ve seen increased rent collection rates, reduced late payments, and significant time and resource savings.
All the testimonies are genuine. We will be happy to share case studies and refer to our customers.