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The Impact of Colleen in Revolutionizing the Real Estate Market

We have worked together with our top NMHC owners and property managers to create the most powerful product on the market – Colleen.

Colleen operates in both the commercial and residential sectors, supporting all multifamily and single-family teams.

A Powerful Property Manager that is Part of Your Team

Colleen is a member of your team and dedicated to enhancing your rent collection capabilities. Colleen offloads time consuming repetitive tasks. With Colleen, you can optimize your operations, streamline rent collection, and elevate your business to new heights.
Resident Journey

Resident Journey

As a team member, Colleen is dedicated to supporting both you as a manager and your residents throughout the entire process, from the initial move into the apartment to well beyond the eventual move-out.

Colleen communicates


Most people have their phones with them, and they typically see text messages within 3 minutes.

With Colleen, alerts and conversations with your residents happen within minutes and feel natural. Colleen is smart and knowledgeable, so your residents will feel like they are conversing with one of your team members.

08:12 am

Hey Diana, Your balance of $1,248.00 has not been received as of yet. To prevent any late fees, we kindly request that you make a payment today.

08:43 am
08:45 am

I confirm that your payment has been successfully updated in our system. Have a great day!


Thanks Colleen!


Office Manager

Hi Joe,
Just a friendly reminder that the September rent was due yesterday, and you currently have a balance of $1,477.00. To make the payment conveniently online, please follow this link:
If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 
Have a great day!

Joe M.


Thanks Colleen for the reminder, I’m paying now 🙂

Colleen communicates

By Emails

Colleen uses Conversational AI and Generative AI. This allows her to converse with residents naturally. Remind them to pay rent, answer their questions and solve their problems. Colleen can understand complex emails and answer them according to the boundaries that the managers set.

Ai communication

By Phone Calls and IVR

Colleen introduces an AI-powered phone conversation product that transforms the rent collection process.

With its advanced AI capabilities, Colleen enables residents to conveniently and efficiently access all essential rent payment information.

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AI Rent collection

As a technology company, we are building the most powerful solution to collect more rent, and faster

AI Payment

Creative ways to make it easier for your residents to pay their rent on time

AI Rewarding

Colleen rewards residents who pay on time, increasing motivation to pay on schedule

AI Debt collection

The first-to-market and most efficient software for managing and collecting debt from past residents

AI Centralized

Your personalized CRM and dashboards that enhance your day to day work

Drive Business Growth: Boost Rent Collection, Accelerate Payments, Maximize Productivity

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Connect To PMS

Colleen automatically syncs property data and resident information, allowing for easy access to essential data and insights

Customize each Community

Adjusting settings on a per-location basis ensures that Colleen is optimized for each individual property, streamlining workflows and improving overall efficiency

Add Channels

Colleen can manage more than just emails, SMS or IVR. You can even customize Colleen’s to match your community or brand

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With the latest technology, Colleen supports your business growth and streamlines your operations.
With her help, your team can concentrate on what matters most.

Ben B.


Hello Colleen, what is the last day I can pay without late fee?

Kind regards,
Ben B.


Office team

Hi Ben, payments are due on the 1st, and you have until the 5th to make your payment without the late fee.

Thank you,


Faster rent collection
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Faster rent collection

Megan H.

Property Manager