Property Management Disrupted by Artificial Intelligence

Colleen is an advanced AI platform that generates insights out of the endless streams of real-estate financial data, thus enabling predictable and comprehensive bottom line

Unleashing the
power of AI

Colleen platform collects and processes financial and property data from various sources such as Experian, Property Management Software, Google, and social media in order to generate a coherent and predictable insights to the property managers of multifamily buildings

Seamless and

Colleen presents the most powerful and advanced solution built for the multifamily market today.
The Colleen platform operates behind the scenes through an integration with the management system, without affecting the property managers operations today

Data analytics that
saves you money

Multi-channels data analysis and the use of deep learning, allow the presentation of insights that until today were not possible. Colleen enables managing your properties more efficiently and predict your monthly income, thus giving important indicators while increasing your profit


The team behind consists of experts from complementing domains:

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