AI Payment

Creative ways to make it easier for your residents to pay all rent and on time

Colleen is Part of the Team

Anticipates Residents Who May Have Difficulty Paying

Colleen understands your renters and anticipates their needs. By analyzing residents and their financial behavior, Colleen is able to help property management companies and owners better understand those who may have difficulties paying on time, so that you can better serve your residents needs.

Offer Tailored Payment Options

Colleen analyzes the relevant information from the PMS, such as the resident’s payment history, security deposit amount, and monthly rent, to build an internal scoring system for each resident.

This score, combined with past conversations with the resident, enables her to understand the situation and develop creative solutions to assist residents who are experiencing difficulties in paying rent
Emma A.


Hi Colleen, sorry for the delay. I can’t pay with my CC now. Is there any other way to pay?
Kind regards,
Emma A.

Emma A.

Hi Emma! You may pay through WIPS, Pay Near Me Station, a cashier’s check or by using this link:


Colleen collaborates with other companies to offer creative solutions to residents who have difficulty paying rent, such as the option to pay rent in multiple installments.

Colleen proved to be a swift and efficient solution for our staff, residents and business needs.

All the testimonies are genuine. We will be happy to share case studies and refer to our customers.


Recommends residents to pay in installments