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Colleen replies immediately to emails, answers questions, handles requests and saves your team time.

Lisa A.


Hi Colleen, sorry I lost my phone and this is why I couldn’t pay yesterday. I’m paying now but can you guys waive the late fee?

Please please 🙏
Lisa A.


Office team

Hi Lisa, I know you always pay on time and I see in the system that the rent is paid today. I canceled the late fee charge. Have a wonderful day



User satisfaction
Using Colleen we were able to automate a large amount of time consuming rent collection tasks done by the office staff. Colleen is simultaneously able to contact all of the delinquent tenants
All the testimonies are genuine. We will be happy to share case studies and refer to our customers.

Easy for Your Team, Simple for Your Residents

Enhanced Efficiency

Colleen streamlines communication boosts rent collection, and saves time

Engage with all Late Payer Residents

Colleen can engage with all late residents using several communication channels

Personalize Emails

Customize your AI assistance’s name, email signature, etc. for a better personalize interactions

Colleen entiende español y sabe cómo responder a los inquilinos en español

Colleen is here to provide the answers residents need, and in Spanish too.

What Makes Colleen so Effective

Colleen is more advanced than your average chatbot, integrates seamlessly with your systems, and provides a better experience for your team and for renters.
Benefits Manual follow ups by office team
Capacity Limited residents/day Unlimited number simultaneously, Enabling Colleen to engage early in the month
Tracking follow ups Extremely challenging Seamless (Automated)
How comfortable to follow up? Low High
Pulling data from the PMS Takes time Fraction of a second (API)
Conflicts with other tasks Busy multitasking Focused on rent and debt collection
Sentiment Affected by residents’ comments Not affected by residents’ comments
Performance Impacted by turn-overs Trained once and stays sharp
Colleen AI has taught us the potential to increase rent and expedite the collection process. Within just three months, we have experienced the remarkable power of Colleen and its impact on our operations.
All the testimonies are genuine. We will be happy to share case studies and refer to our customers.