The Most Advanced AI for Multifamily properties

Colleen, an AI manager, enhances rent collection efficiency. She can handle emails, texts, and calls from residents, as well as send reminders for upcoming rent payments.
By leveraging Colleen, the uncollected rent can be dramatically reduced

Deep Integration with Leading PMS's

Colleen’s AI technology is Leading and Disrupting the Multifamily Industry

Colleen is a cutting-edge AI solution that has helped multifamily real estate businesses save millions of dollars in the past two years.

Top NMHC companies have used Colleen to transform their businesses and build more efficient teams. Whether you are an owner or a manager, Colleen can help you achieve your business goals, collect more rent, and increase productivity.

Omni channel

Colleen manages communication across multiple channels and automatically answers residents’ questions and requests




35%+ drop in lost rent, compared with phone calls and letters


Faster rent payment

Less Time


Managers spend less time on collection work


Working with residents to reduce evictions


Manager can forecast rent


Prevent discrimination

Colleen AI has been able to accommodate their solution to our specific business needs. We had a very professional team to work with to make sure the system meets our expectations.

Jack H.

Associate of Asset Management

All the testimonies are genuine. We will be happy to share case studies and refer to our customers.
Increase User Satisfaction
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Increase User Satisfaction

Case study

Colleen AI has launched its product two years ahead of any competitor, positioning it as a leader in this space

Case study

See how colleen reduces the uncollected rent in Q1 2022 by over 40%

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Anna B.

I have only part of the money, can I pay $950 now and the rest when I get paid next week?

Kind regards,
Anna B.
Hi Anna, Yes, Please pay today $950.00 and the balance of $450 by Friday the 10th. Thank you,


Make An Impact: More Rent, More

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Sync Your Property Data

Once you connect Colleen to your existing PMS and CRM software, your AI assistant can pull property and unit information in seconds

Configure Each Location

Connect your leasing calendar and specify the types of tours you offer so Colleen AI can start booking appointments for prospects

Add Channels and Customize

Colleen can manage more than just emails, SMS, IVR, or Webchat. You can even customize Colleen’s name and sign-offs

Connect to PMS

Colleen automatically syncs property data and resident information, allowing for easy access to essential data and insights

Customize Each Community

Adjusting settings on a per-location basis ensures that Colleen is optimized for each individual property, streamlining workflows and improving overall efficiency

Add Channels

Colleen can manage more than just emails, SMS or IVR. You can even customize Colleen’s to match your community or brand

Ready To
Get Started?

With the latest technology, Colleen supports your business growth and streamlines your operations.
With her help, your team can concentrate on what matters most.

Cassandra A.


Hi, thank you for the reminder. I will make payment by the end of this week.

Kind regards,
Emma A.

Management team

OK, please note that on Friday, an additional $125.00 will be added to cover late fee so the updated balance will be $1850.00
Colleen, your AI assistant
Increase in Appointment
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Improve with resident satisfaction

Colleen proved to be a swift and efficient solution for our staff, residents and business needs. Its implementation created immediate positive results, and we were able to gain valuable insights through analytics on rent collection

Emma A.

Stonehenge Management

All the testimonies are genuine. We will be happy to share case studies and refer to our customers.