AI Maintenance

Colleen’s AI Maintenance understands any maintenance request issue the resident arise and automatically creates a work order, and schedules an appointment*.

*Available in some PM’s

10:15 am

Hi Colleen, I’m having problems with my HVAC, it is not blowing air. Can you help with that?


Hi Mark, I’m sorry to here you have an issue with your HVAC, I will upload ticket to the system and will make sure one of our maintenance team will visit asap.

10:18 am

Thank you, I’m waiting

Streamline your work and provide a much more efficient service - Your residents will love it

Colleen’s around-the-clock swift service and instant attention elevate the tenant experience, transforming maintenance interactions into a seamless and delightful journey your renters will adore


Residents engagement





Colleen Understand Maintenance Requests

Colleen utilizes advanced AI to seamlessly interpret maintenance requests, ensuring that every detail is understood. With natural language processing capabilities, Colleen can accurately assess the needs of residents, identifying the specific maintenance tasks required without manual intervention. This first step guarantees that every request is promptly and efficiently handled, setting the stage for swift action.

Colleen’s Creates Work Orders

Upon understanding a maintenance request, Colleen automatically generates detailed work orders.

Robbie A.


Payment reminder from Colleen
Payment reminder from Colleen

Robbie A.


Payment reminder from Colleen

Office Team

Hi Robbie! I noticed you paid $650.00 out of $1650.00. Your balance is $1,000.00 Please make sure to pay it by Friday to avoid late fees

Colleen Schedule Technicians*

Colleen’s AI-driven scheduling system optimally assigns technicians to jobs based on their skills, location, and availability. 

*This feature is still in beta testing stage.

Colleen Verify the job was done

After the maintenance task is completed, Colleen verifies the job through digital check-ins and task completion reports from technicians. This step ensures that all work meets the high standards expected, and any follow-up actions are promptly identified

Colleen Verify Resident Satisfaction

The final step in Colleen’s process is verifying resident satisfaction. Through automated follow-ups, residents are invited to provide feedback on the maintenance work. This feedback is crucial for continuous improvement, allowing for the fine-tuning of services. Colleen ensures that resident’s voice is heard, maintaining high satisfaction levels and trust

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