Intelligent SMS, Powered by AI

Most people have their phones with them, and they typically see text messages within 3 minutes.
With Colleen, conversations with your residents and received alerts don’t only feel natural, but happen within minutes.
10:12 am
Hi Colleen, I do not get paid until the 5th. What is the latest that I can pay without penalty?
10:12 am
Hi Mark, please pay on the 5th. Please remember that starting the 6th you will need to add $125 late fees.
Increase in Rent Collection
0 %


Reduction on time spent on collection tasks

Hey Colleen, can I pay $800 today and the rest next Wednesday?

What Makes Colleen so Effective

Colleen is very advanced, integrates seamlessly with your systems, and provides a better experience for your team and for residents.
Benefits Manual follow ups
by office team
Capacity Limited residents/day Unlimited number simultaneously, Enabling Colleen to engage early in the month
Tracking follow ups Extremely challenging Seamless (Automated)
How comfortable to follow up? Low High
Pulling data from the PMS Several minutes Fraction of a second (API)
Conflicts with other tasks Busy multitasking Focused only on rent collection
Sentiment Affected by residents’ comments Not affected by residents’ comments
Performance Impacted by turn-overs Trained once and stays sharp

Colleen se comunicará con todos los inquilinos que se atrasen en el pago a principios de mes y se asegurará de que paguen a tiempo

Your resident speaks Spanish? No problem for Colleen!
Colleen is here to provide the answers residents need, whenever they need them.

Advanced Notifications

Colleen has an intelligent messaging system. She sends each resident a personalized message, at the right time, at the right pace, and with the right content.

Smart Conversations

Text messages are different from email messages. The content should be focused and short. Some residents will send several messages one after the other but they all actually refer to the same topic.

Colleen is really good at analyzing these messages and knows how to relate to a single message and to serial of messages. To one topic or several topics!


Reduction of Uncollected Rent

After implementing Colleen.AI at our communities we noticed a significant decrease in office hours spent dealing with rent collection and positive impact with our tenants.
All the testimonies are genuine. We will be happy to share case studies and refer to our customers.