Collection Automation for Single Family

Colleen excels in automating rent collection for single-family homes of any type, including long-term or short-term rentals.

With Colleen, you can effortlessly communicate with all your residents through email, text, and phone calls, ensuring timely rent payments.

Enjoy the Most Innovative AI Technology for the Single-Family Space

After years of research and experience with the top NMHC Multifamily customers, we built the most innovative AI tool for the single-family sector.

We were surprised by the even more impressive results.

Colleen’s AI Technology Is Leading and Disrupting the Single-Family Industry

Our single-family customers have been working with Colleen for over two years.

She has helped them save time and money by reducing the number of unnecessary trips to their properties. She has also helped them collect rent faster.



40% drop in lost rent, compared with phone calls and letters


Faster rent payment

Less Time


Managers spend less time on collection work


Working with residents to reduce evictions


Manager can forecast rent


Prevent discrimination

Subsidize Housing

Colleen adeptly handles communication across multiple channels, effectively addressing residents’ questions and requests, including complex scenarios like Section 8 leases and short-term rentals.

Using Colleen AI we were able to automate almost all our rent collection tasks. It saved our offices staff a large amount of time

All the testimonies are genuine. We will be happy to share case studies and refer to our customers.


Reduction of office collection tasks

Case study

Colleen AI release her product two years ahead of any other competitor. This is one of the reasons why Colleen is leading this space

Case study

See how colleen reduces the uncollected rent in Q1 2022 by over 40%

Colleen AI Difference

Colleen AI offers a distinct advantage in managing multiple homes, especially single-family properties with diverse locations and varying leasing terms.

The challenge of delivering messages to residents who are spread across different houses, particularly those requiring physical presence, is effectively addressed by Colleen.

By implementing Colleen, your organization’s performance can be significantly enhanced, making it an ideal solution for overcoming these complexities.

Single family

Attached notes on doors

Delayed response time
After hours inquiries

Apartments are spread
over a large area

Follow-up each late payer

Differences in rental leases

Automatic reminders

Instant response


Colleen is on top of
all collection issues

Done automatically

Excels at providing individualized care for each resident

Colleen AI tough us we can get more rent and get it faster. After 3 months we have realized how powerful is Colleen

All the testimonies are genuine. We will be happy to share case studies and refer to our customers.