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A powerful tool that allows you to view and manage everything from one centralized dashboard.

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$269 600




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$58 300


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@ Jenifer

08:03 am
Good morning Jennifer,
Please note that your parking lot will be inaccessible until 3 pm due to maintenance work

@ Colleen

08:12 am

Issues with the apartment!

I entered the apartment yesterday. The HVAC does not work, and there are no lights in the kids’ rooms. Please help. Annie

A Central Hub for Resident Communication

Automated broadcasting and communication with all residents for daily issues.

AI Actions

Colleen engages in conversations with residents and can assign tasks to specific team members or departments within your organization.

Centralized View

Imagine you can conveniently monitor all the significant aspects of your residents’ journey, from the day they move in until the day they move out and beyond.

Colleen has consolidated all the essential elements of your interaction with residents into one centralized platform.

AI Insights

Colleen will analyze your raw data using state-of-the-art AI technology. It will allow you to understand current reality and forecasting. Your organization will be able to make better decisions.
It will help you achieve the goals of your organization more effectively.

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$269 600
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With the analytical capabilities of Colleen, we can analyze our rent collection data in a centralized platform, enabling us to make better business decisions.

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