AI Debt Collection

Colleen brings the ONLY AI Solution for debt collection automation in the real estate industry. Colleen approach past residents that left unpaid balance.

Colleen is Part of the Team

Analyze All Past Residents

According to NMHC study*, about 5% of residents in the Multifamily industry will never pay their rent, meaning they will lose their rented home and some will go through eviction process.

The moment Colleen AI gets credentials to your management system it analyze all the past residents and their financial behavior while they where residents in your property. This allows Colleen to understand who to communicate with and how to approach each and every one of them.

Approach Past Residents with Outstanding Balances

Colleen collaborates with all types of past residents who have outstanding debts, utilizing emails and text messages as communication channels. With each property and resident, Colleen strategically determines the optimal timing, frequency, and content of the messages.

Compared to the outdated and ineffective methods of contacting debtors through telephone conversations or letters months after the resident has left, Colleen offers a more efficient approach.

Robbie P.

Past tenant

End of Balance reminder
Amanda S.

Past Resident

Debt reminder from Colleen